Life as a mommy of 2

Hello earthlings! It’s been ages since I last blog and some days I feel like I’ve been missing out on a lot. So, as you would know, it’s been 3 months now since baby no 2 came along. I’d say it’s been amazing but also really challenging. “Challenging how?”, you ask me. I can’t exactly pin point or measure the amount of challenges I’m going through but at the end of the day, all I can think of is that it’s worth it.

Baby Charlotte has now been with us for 3 months. And in these 3 months, it’s been really crazy (in the good sense of course, some days literally crazy). Ever since she was born, all I had in my mind was :

“Oh man, how am I gonna handle 2 kids now?”

“What’s it gonna be like having 2 kids?”

“Will I really need help with 2 kids?”

“Will I go out less now with 2 kids?”

There were lots of questions and doubts in my mind that sometimes I wonder if I’m capable enough of raising 2 kids well enough. I was really scared. Nonetheless, life goes on for me. I know I haven’t talked about how my MIRACULOUS delivery went. Old story but I have been wanting to share it when I first gave birth to Charlotte but then… mommy duties call ALL THE TIME. Read more to know how my delivery went.

I was estimated to deliver on the 31st of Dec 2017. Date was perfect if it really did happen and we were anticipating to only have Charlotte come out then. At my check up with my gynaecologist in November (I was about 35-36 weeks then), she told me that the baby’s head was already down and that baby might come out anytime. Which means, she would definitely come out before 31st now. December came and at my check up again, my gynaecologist told me that baby’s in perfect position, now is to wait. The word “W-A-I-T” made me super kan cheong. That’s because its so uncertain and I didn’t know what to expect of my labour. All I knew was that I was jz waiting for the contractions to come and I knew it would be time to go to the hospital.

So, few days after my check up, I didn’t really cared about the labour cos we were busy preparing for Christmas. We did our shopping and bought lots of stuff to prepare for our upcoming Christmas dinner on the 23rd of Dec. As the day drew closer, I even prayed that baby would come out after Christmas cos I was adamant on wanting to eat my turkey and it was gonna be my first time making the turkey. So, I was really excited about it. On the 22nd of Dec, we went out for Thai food and I was feeling just normal and after that went over to my parents’ house. Sat down and my dad commented “Sarah, looks like you’re gonna deliver anytime soon.” And I just laughed and said “I think so too. It’s getting really heavy now!” It was getting late and then we went back home, got Elizabeth ready for bed and we all went to sleep.

At 4am, i kept waking up cos I felt like I needed to go to toilet and I felt pain in my belly. I thought it was the Thai food. So, I kept going to the toilet. Then it dawned upon me, “OMG! Could this be the contraction?” I wasn’t too sure because I didn’t know how to count the contractions before labour (Google it if you wanna know what I’m talking about). So, I went back to bed and a couple of times, the pain kept coming back. I really didn’t want to say anything before I was sure it was time to go to the hospital. So, I tried to sleep in a different position cos I thought it was just the baby moving a bit more and kicking me, maybe. But to no avail, the pain kept coming back. Then, I decided to tell Tim about it and woke him up. I just thought that if it wasn’t time for labour, at least I get it checked and to make sure that it was false alarm. So, Tim called my parents, told them that he’s sending me to the hospital now and that they had to come over to keep an eye on Elizabeth. Packed my hospital bag, got ready and headed to the hospital. Admitted myself and that time it was probably about 5am already. Prior to that, called my gynaecologist and told her that I was having pain and she told us to go and get it checked at the hospital and that she would be on her way to the hospital.

So, I was wheeled into the labour room, got changed and the nurse had to check my dilation. She kept quiet the whole time like as if there was a problem and that something wasn’t right. After that, she asked me “Any bleeding?” So, I said “No.” Then I asked her why. And she told me “You’re already 6cm dilated.” I was like “WHAT?!?!?! OMGGGG!” It was from then on, I felt the contractions happening more often and all I did was that I kept praying it won’t be another long labour for me. Tim was by my side the whole time and he too was feeling rather excited (i guess?). A couple of mins after that, my gynaecologist arrived at the hospital. She check me by then and told me that I was already 8cm dilated. Meaning, it’s really close to delivery. So, I waited a bit more and tried to hang in there with the contractions coming. By 6:15am, my gynaecologist told me “OK, it’s time to push when the next contraction I feel comes.” So, here we go!

And according to Tim, I only pushed twice and baby Charlotte came out. It was 6:40am when baby Charlotte came out. That sense of relief when baby Charlotte came out was indescribable. And to hear her cry reminded once again of when I first gave birth to Elizabeth. And that was my miraculous delivery. I was literally almost in a “no pain labour” and under 3 hours, I gave birth to a healthy and strong baby with the loudest cry (HAHA!). I’ve always prayed for painless labour and quick delivery. This time, I witnessed all that on my own and I only have our Abba Father to thank for. This was evidence that prayer works wonders and to never underestimate what He can do. God has been so good to us.

Even as I’m typing now, I am reminded that today, is Good Friday and how He suffered for us on that cross wasn’t for nothing. He was hung on that cross to die for our sins and that we could live a better life. Life would never be the same if He hadn’t die on that cross and I am only thankful that He did because who else in the world would die for you and me.

So, life of a mommy of 2? Crazy. But full of surprises and adventures.


Our little girl @ 1 day old, weighing 3.25kg.
Charlotte Sophia Kok Xin Ern

tmpImage 4

Elizabeth and Charlotte @ 1 day old.
14 months apart.

tmpImage 5

1 week old

tmpImage 2

2 months old

tmpImage 3

3 months old


Elizabeth asked to carry her little sister


Our 2 little bundle of joy

So much to be grateful for. Keep reading and I’ll be sharing about my breastfeeding journey this time round in my next post. I have so much to share and hopefully this can help new mommies or mommies-to-be in their journey as well. I don’t expect everyone to be going through the same things as I am and I am no expert in being a mommy. But, my only hope is that through my experiences and struggles, it’ll be able to shed some light for those of you who think that you’re going through this alone. Do leave a comment or question (if you have any?). I do have a lot more experiences to share but sometimes a bit too lazy to be blogging about it. So, talk to me. I’ll be more than happy to share with you.

Much loves ❤

When sleep is literally important

It’s been 2 months since my last post and this is due to some transitioning in my life.  The past 2 months have been, I won’t say crazy or busy but just moving so fast that I hardly have time to sit and reflect on some things. In the past month, I switched jobs. From working part time at an English Learning Centre to now working full time at Alpha Omega again (YAY!). Other than that, I’ve been coping with baby E, trying to juggle between work and looking after her when I come home after work. Since she was born, I stopped working for 7 months. Life was great when I was a full-time mom because I have plenty of time to spend with her and plenty of time to REST! So, going back to work after that was a bit of a challenge because I get a bit sleep deprived. So, whenever I can, I try and catch a nap or two, and that was life for me the past 2 months.


Now what? I’ve already been in Alpha Omega (AOSP) for about 2 weeks now and everything seems so familiar and it feels great to be back in a familiar place all over again. On the first day upon coming back, most of the students remember me like it was just yesterday that I left. Things felt incredibly comfortable and I knew I was back to something that I know I loved to do, which is being around kids/teens/children. Though it’s only gonna be for 4 months, I know I’m gonna be making the best out of it.


10 months old now! 

At 10 months old now, Baby E has been developing and achieving her milestones really well and I’m glad to be able to witness every moment of it. Some days, I wonder if I can ever spend enough of time with her. They say, I can never have “enough” time with her. Looking at her grow so fast makes me want to treasure every moment with her. She’s so precious.

Just recently (more like 2 nights ago), she started teething. How did I know? She couldn’t sleep at night at all and was making a fuss cos her gums were painful. I tried all sorts of ways, from giving her the teether, to letting her suck on her pacifier, to letting her watch her favourite video, but all to no avail. And one thing I knew for sure was that she doesn’t just randomly kicks up a fuss for fun. I knew she was clearly uncomfortable and honestly, I was frustrated because I felt like everything I did was of no use. And I couldn’t bear seeing her cry and yet, nothing I do can soothe her. All she wanted was for me to carry her. She even refused for me to put her down in her cot. She just wanted to be with me. So, 2 nights ago was literally sleepless for me until 7am in the morning. I remember the last time I stayed up  this late was to study for my exam back in uni, probably 5 years ago? Now, I can barely even stay up past 1am, what more 7am. So it was the toughest night of my life.  And to make it worst, I had to work the next morning. I was literally “zombified”. I really didn’t expect the worst to happen but it did. Last night, things were better. She was a little bit more co-operative although she did wake up quite a bit last night but I manage to get quality sleep before waking up rather than staying up till 7am.

1 lesson I learnt the past 2 nights is that I need to have a bit more of perseverance. Yes, I may have complained a lot in the past few times when baby E refused to sleep at night and that’s because I’m frustrated, really frustrated. But after the past 2 nights, I’ve decided that I’m gonna try and be a bit more tolerant with that. So, everyday, I pray that God gives me the strength to get through it. This will definitely prepare me mentally, physically and spiritually for when the 2nd one comes along. That’s the real challenge. God be with me!

People say I’m a super mama (not bragging!). I differ to think so. The real super mama is my MOMMY! She is almost 60 years old but looks after baby E for me while I took my afternoon nap yesterday, like a champ! When I got back from work, she told me to take a shower and go rest. So, here’s to mommy, THANK YOU for being the best for me. We are extremely grateful to have you around.

So, here’s to greater nights and adventures with baby E. Raising a child is not always rainbows and butterflies. But hey, if it doesn’t kill you, it only make you stronger! A motto I’ve always lived by.

Cheers! ❤



Milestone achieved

As Elizabeth turns 8 months and 3 weeks, she has definitely achieved some milestones that amazes me. Just about a week ago, she started climbing / standing up in her cot on her own.

Few days following that event, we had to lower down her cot because sometimes I leave her in her cot to play on her own while I do some house chores.

These milestones is prove that she’s growing up too fast. She enjoys standing up more now rather than crawling. So, I’m not sure if she’ll skip the crawling phase and go straight to walking. Hmm….

Other than that, she is also now running in her walker and no longer “walking”. Especially when we show her her food, she comes running to us in her walker. This is so amazing. Sadly, I’m not able to upload a video here because mine isn’t an upgraded plan. So, for those of you who follow me on my social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), you’ll be able to watch the video.

She is also learning to babble a bit more now when she isn’t sucking her pacifier, and we try not to give it to her so much unless when she’s about to sleep or when she’s putting things into her mouth unnecessarily. She is still coping with stranger anxiety and hopefully it wears off soon. Some people tell me, it should go off in about a month or so *fingers crossed*

Baby steps.

So, about a week ago, we announced that we were expecting baby no 2.


We were overwhelmed by the well wishes many of you gave  and we would like to thank each and every one of you for your never-ending support to us.

Besides that, we also had a few responses from people such as, “WAH! So fast ah? Elizabeth is not even 1 year old” or “Wah, such a small gap!” or “Can you guys cope?” or “Did you all plan or not? How come so fast?”. Here, let me answer your queries and concerns. We know that these responses are out of concern but I also know some of them are pretty judgemental (which I am not judging any of it now) but body language says it all. To me, as a mother, the last thing I want to feel is to feel discouraged. So, yeah.

  1. “WAH! So fast ah? Elizabeth is not even 1 year old”

Is there a hard and fast rule saying that your child must turn 1 before having a second one? Just saying. And also, if you do the calculations, Elizabeth will be 1 year and 2 months when the second one arrives. So, yeah.

 2. “Wah, such a small gap!”

We choose to think that siblings with smaller gaps are a lot closer. Though i think it’s not fully scientifically proven but I’ve seen enough to know it’s true. So, what’s wrong with having your kids with smaller age gaps? They tend to be closer and are more like close friends.

3. “Can you guys cope?”

OK. I know this is everyone’s main concern. Can we cope? I wouldn’t tell you, “YES I CAN COPE” now because the 2nd one has not even arrive yet. But what I do know is that, when the second one comes, nothing would change. We’ve been doing the same with Elizabeth the past 8 months and i think continually having the second one just helps us get into the routine better. In Tim’s logic, since we are already “suffering” (and by suffering, doesn’t literally mean we are suffering. We enjoy every bit of it), we might as well carry it on since we’ve already gotten into the momentum of waking up in the middle of the night, feeding and etc. Rather than enjoying for the next 2-3 years and when the 2nd one comes along, we restart our lifestyle again (Get what I mean?!?!) So, can we cope? When the 2nd one comes, ask me that again and I’ll answer you then 🙂

4. “Did you all plan or not? How come so fast?”

I would say it was partly planned and partly not. Why so? Well, how well can we plan for children? Some may not know, it took us 1 year of “planning” before Elizabeth arrived. This time, it was sooner than expected. As some would know, I have a condition called PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). It’s a very common condition for most women. Some of the symptoms are irregular menstrual cycle and imbalance hormones. However, it is NOT impossible to get pregnant with that condition, it only takes a bit longer cos with irregular menstrual cycles, it’s hard to count when the fertile period will be. So, in my case, it was difficult to know/count the fertile period. You can google for more info. In my mind, I was “planning” for the 2nd one to maybe come next year? But then again, like I mentioned, it came sooner than expected. So, when you ask me if we planned or not, we sort of did and sort of did not. And “How come so fast?”, that’s a very funny question to ask, because how would I know, I’m not God.

I always think, to even be pregnant and carry the baby for 9 months until he/she is born, is a miracle itself. So, I will embrace this pregnancy as much as I embraced my first pregnancy. And also, Tim and I always say that we want to have 2 kids before we reach 30 years old. There we have it. 2 kids before 30. After this, all we do is enjoy the ride! 🙂

Hope I have answer some of your queries. Thank you for hearing me out.

Here’s to the next 6 months of amazingness. 🙂




Our little girl

I may have written this before on my dayre but decided I share it here anyway. Just a little update on our little girl.

I’ve been really busy juggling between looking after the little one and working out the house chores. Sometimes I get so tired. I just leave out the house chores for a while just to get a nap.

Being a full-time mommy is more tiring than having a 9-5 job. Sometimes I do miss having a 9-5 job. Haha.


I thank God for a super husband who comes home and tries to help out with the little one just so I can get some rest. Best part is, he volunteered to take night duties ever since Elizabeth was born. Although Elizabeth doesn’t wake up that much now in the middle of the night, she sometimes cry from a bad dream or so and hubs will actually wake up just to put her back to sleep. I am super thankful. 😘


Also, I am very thankful and grateful because Elizabeth sleeps through the night ever since she turned 2 months old. She’s voluntarily did it. She would ask for about 6 oz of milk before she sleeps throughout the night and then only wakes up at 6 or 7am. We thought we would only train her to sleep through the night at about 4 months old but then, she decided to get ahead of us.


Well done, Elizabeth! ❤️


It’s been utter joy looking after Elizabeth. Though there were many hardships and frustration at times, I choose to look back at the happy times. She never fails to smile when we raise our voice at her for doing something inappropriate. She laughs when we discipline her (she thinks we’re playing with her, haha). She always puts on the silliest face just to cheer us up. It’s like she knows when we’re feeling down.


At almost 8 months old now, we have seen so many things with Elizabeth. Experience so many things with her and there is nothing in this world we would ever trade that for. She has achieved so many things in just a short period of time.


She loves her food!


This trait is definitely proof that she’s my daughter. She gets super excited when she hears me shaking her milk bottle or when she sees me bringing her bowl to the table or when she sees her Tupperware where I keep her biscuits. She doesn’t fuss over anything I prepare for her.

She loves her homemade pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and apple with avocado. She would eat it up in no time and when she’s full, she would k ow how to “tell” mommy.

She also loves her biscuits I give her for snack time. She would get angry when we try to take it away from her. She would not give up her biscuits even when she has had too much in her mouth.


All in all, she’s a foodie just like mommy and daddy. 😃


She enjoys her naps and sleeps!


This is one thing I’m super thankful of. Even though there are days that she refuses to take her nap in the afternoon and I’m occupied by her. So, there goes my house chores and rest. However, I’ve gotten her into the routine of taking her naps in the afternoon. And she sleeps for a minimum of 2 hours and sometimes stretches out to 3 hours.

Now, she enjoys taking naps in the afternoon. And it’s a must for her now.

She sleeps super easily when she’s in her car seat whenever we go out to Penang or anywhere for that matter, with her favorite playlist by Hillsong, Let There Be Light album playing in the background. She just falls asleep like the song is a lullaby.


At night, she sleeps throughout the night now. Only occasionally she wakes up for milk at 4 or 5am if she didn’t have enough to drink before she fell asleep because she was too tired to drink more. 🤣 so, she decides to sleep first and then wakes up at 4 or 5am to ask for more milk and then goes back to sleep till the next morning.


She enjoys her evening walks with mommy and daddy!


Some evenings when I don’t have tuition classes, we’d take her in her stroller for evening walks. And she loves it! She would just sit still and not make a fuss at all.

Sometimes, we bring her to the playground and would entertain her and she would just laugh. 😍


These are some of the few things she enjoys. She has started to learn to get into crawling position and I’d say she is a very determined baby. She never gives up. She tries until she gets really tired and then takes a break and continues after that until she gets what she wants.


I can’t wait to see her achieve more milestones. So grateful for being able to witness every bit of it. ❤️


Till then, cheers! 🍸

Office politics

“What is office politics?”

Office politics” are the strategies that people play to gain advantage, personally or for a cause they support. The term often has a negative connotation, in that it refers to strategies people use to seek advantage at the expense of others or the greater good. -Source : Google-

Well, I haven’t been able to experience much real office politics during my years of working and I wouldn’t say I experience it today. But anyway, here’s my story and you tell me what is it? Maybe it’s office gossip? LOL.

As some would know, I started working part time in a Language Centre. So, I have 3 other colleagues who are also part timers (PT) but definitely worked here longer than me. So, all I ask for is for them to teach me a little bit of the processes of the centre. At first, I thought it was due to language barrier that was the problem but I guess it isn’t as simple as that. Probably they feel threatened that I came as a supervisor and was worried that I’ll “steal” their day to day roles and leave them with nothing to do. But c’mon, why would I do that. :S

So, what happen today was this – my intention was to help one of the PTs settle some filing while she was busy doing some other stuff. But guess what, she had to tell the other PT that her job has been “stolen” and she has nothing to do now, all in mandarin! I may not be able to speak fluent mandarin but I UNDERSTAND. The moment she said that, I got up, and told her she could continue her work.  God knows if she got my message but I couldn’t be bothered anyway. Couple of minutes later, she asked help from the other PT to help her with the filing. And guess what, the PT (guy) told her to ask for my help, in mandarin, thinking that I won’t understand. And that’s my story.

With all due respect to people who are fluent in Mandarin, please don’t ever think that you can undermine people who don’t speak / understand mandarin. Many people would tell me, “You should’ve learned mandarin in the first place. Told you it’ll be useful” but hey, I am not completely dumb in mandarin. I can speak basic mandarin and understand it and that’s enough for me.

But then again, I don’t think it’s so much about the language that they have the advantage of, it’s more of the mentality. I’m sorry to say this but they are quite shallow minded. 1 is already in college, another one going off to Taiwan to study and yet still acts so childishly. Ok, probably we have that age gap but then again.. OMG!

I don’t want people to think that I’m generalising this to everyone who are Chinese educated or people who have the upper-hand in speaking Mandarin. But in my, I’d say, 8 years of life knowing people who are Chinese educated, I’ve never really had a good experience with any of those kind of people. Of course, there are people who are more than fine but I guess the school education system has thought them to be that way. So, I blame the education system.

For God’s sake, we live in the 21st century. It’s a modern world. If people still want to live like they’re living in the past, then just stay home! We were taught to move forward. In business, yes, China is blooming but haven’t got into the status of first world. North America, Western Europe, Japan and Australia are first world countries and main language spoken, ENGLISH  unless maybe except for Japan. I think English should be equally as important as any other languages, yet some people REFUSE to speak English and that’s what I HATE the most. In my uni days, I come across uni mates who refuses to speak English even after I tell them I can’t speak much mandarin. I talk to them in English and they reply in Mandarin. Here we go! WHY?! 

I don’t intend to condemn anyone here. I’m speaking on behalf of myself and what I go through. Go ahead, speak all the mandarin you want but I urge that you share some respect for people who can’t speak or understand mandarin. I know Mandarin is important but so is English or any other languages for the matter of fact. So, if you know 2 or more languages, that’s a plus. Otherwise, just stick with your own opinions and don’t talk bad about others in a language that other people don’t understand.

Cheers 😀



Being a mommy

“So, what’s it like being a mommy?”

It’s been almost 8 months (in 2 days’ time) now since Elizabeth was born. Apart from hearing all the nice things I go through as a mother with Elizabeth, there are also some things which I go through that I don’t really share. However, if everyone thinks that motherhood is all roses and flowers, I’d say, not exactly. Many mothers choose to post the nicer things on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter..etc.) while some don’t truly know the truth behind every situation a mother goes through.

I, myself, use to think that, “Wow, being a mother is gonna be amazing where everything’s gonna be great and simple.” HAHA. But guess what, since I became a mother myself, it hasn’t been always great and lovely. Elizabeth isn’t a difficult baby but sometimes, the frustration is unbearable that I just want to escape and be alone (Though I’ve never done that).

Some afternoons, when I really need a nap, she decides not to sleep and whines for a good 2 hours and it bugs me a lot because all I’m asking is a 1 hour nap, at least. Then, she decides to not sleep, whine and roll around. Her whine doesn’t indicate she’s hungry, neither did she do her business. She just wants the attention. Some days I would ignore it but some days, it becomes frustrating and annoying. But then again, being a mother, I can’t stand to see her whine like as if she’s been abandoned and that I don’t care about her. They say try not to attend to every of her cries. Sometimes, I’m able to do that. Most days, I CAN’T.

And then, comes the time when she had a flu and cough. That was her first time falling sick and we really didn’t expect the worst to happen. Her nose was blocked and she didn’t sleep the whole night. Literally woke up every 2 to 3 hours and we were SUPER exhausted. We thought she’d get better the next day and all will be alright. The flu carried on to the next day and finally we decided, “OK. We’re bringing her to see her paediatrician!” OMG. Life saver! That night, she slept like an angel and we managed to get our sleep too.

So, still think it’s easy being a mom? Truth is, I am really exhausted sometimes. There are times I wish I could leave her with daddy and go on a vacation. Again, easier said than done, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that. I recently started going back to work part-time and.. it hasn’t been quite easy. I think about her ALL THE TIME. So, what more leaving her alone with daddy and going on a vacation. There are also some days where little things really tick me off and sometimes I just lash out because I can’t stand it anymore.

All these being said, I am always reminded of the faithfulness of God. Because through all this, 1 thing I’ve really learned is to never give up. “If it doesn’t kill me, it only makes me stronger” is a quote that I’ve always lived by. Also, it has taught me to be really thankful. Thankful for parents who live next door to me and always offering to help out with Elizabeth. Sometimes, my mom even helps me out with the house chores and I can’t be thankful enough. “What did I do to deserve this?” Besides, I’m also thankful for a husband who offers to help out with Elizabeth even though sometimes while looking after her, he’s on his phone (I blame technology! HAHA!) and I’d tell him to have his eyes on her and not his phone (Minor thing! I still love you! :D) He is still awesome because he volunteered to take night duties just so I get to rest. He really tries his best to take care of her while I’m busy preparing her stuff or cooking or when I have to deal with my own stuff. Before we got married, I’ve always wondered what it was like for him to look after a baby. And now, I’m able to witness it. I’d say, he’s been doing a great job so far though there’s still a lifetime for improvement. Same goes for me. I’m not a perfect mother. 😀 Still counting my blessings everyday. 🙂

So, while many people portray parenthood as a bed of roses, it isn’t, well not all the time. Sometimes it can be. However, I am speaking on behalf of my own experience. Every mother/parent would go through it differently, some the same. So, no condemnation but I do salute mothers who look after their own kid without any help. If they can make it, I’m sure we, who have lots of help, can do it. I am incredibly blessed to have family and friends who are constantly giving to us rather than ‘instructing’ us on what to do. We love you guys from the bottom of our hearts.

Last but not least, I am not writing this post today to complain or paint a very bad picture of parenthood or don’t mean to scare those of you who are becoming parents soon, but all I intend to do is to paint a reality to many of those who will be experiencing parenthood soon. I am no expert but within this 8 months, I have learned a lot and I can’t wait to learn more because then, I’ll be proud to share my experience as a mother to you. I love my family very much and everything I go through is only proof that I’m living life right. If life is always all easy and good, what’s the excitement anyway, right? As cliché as it sounds, “life isn’t a bed of roses” has so much truth in it. So, to those of you who are ‘long time’ parents, I’m more than willing to be hearing your experience as well ’cause then there’s where we learn and grow together. 🙂

So, here’s to lesser sleeps, more frustrations ahead & of course greater things to come! The best is yet to come! Bring it on, parenthood!



First blog post

Hello, everyone! I’ve decided to start writing (not on a daily basis) but I’ll try as much as possible. I’ve moved to a new platform instead of using blogspot cos I have issues logging in and trying to manoeuvre around the site. So, here’s me, introducing my new blog site,

For those of you who don’t already have dayre or haven’t follow me on dayre, you’ll be able to keep updated here as well. 🙂

Till then, cheers!